Saturday, August 21, 2010

Promosi Ke Bali yang aku menangi


4D3N Bali Go! Go! Gold!!!

Salam kepada anda semua!!!

New promotion from Public Gold....

Winner: 4D3N Bali Trip
The trip is included flight ticket for 2 persons, accommodation & RM500 cash..
Introducer is entitled to get 2 pieces of 1 Dinar if his/her dealers win the prize
  1. The trip is valid from 1st September 2010 till 31st August 2011
  2. Departure date can be chosen by the winner (off peak season)
  3. Deaprt from Kuala Lumpur

Terms and conditions

1. Open for all NEW dealers signed up in July 2010 only (a full set of gold around RM 40,000 – according to market gold price).
2. Drawing number is according to the Dealer’s Code.
3. Drawing date will be on 10th August 2010.
4. Sales can be accumulated.
5. Not transferable or convertible to cash.
6. The winner will be notifying by our Business Development Executive and the name will be posted in Public Gold website.
7. Any decision is subject to management approval.

Why become Public Gold agent?

1) Commission/Discount 1.5% on the gold purchase from Public Gold
2) Buy Back 5%-6% below market price
3) Capital Gain from Increase of Gold Price
4) Speculation on Gold Price (Buy Low Sell High)
5) Sharing commission between agents
6) Special class for agent (FREE)

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