Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sasaran harga emas USD3000 menjelang Jun 2012


Khamis 22 Disember 2011

Berita yang perlu diberi perhatian terutama kepada rakan-rakan pelabur emas Pendita Emas jangan menyerah kalah dengan keadaan harga emas masa kini kerana tahun 2012 jangkaan harga emas melonjak ke angka USD3000/oz.

Siapa yang beruntung?

Pembeli emas yang sentiasa menambah stok emas masing-masing terutama yang melibatkan diri dengan pembelian kaedah:

1. Sediakan tunai 100% (pelabur emas yang tidak kisah dengan kenaikan atau kejatuhan harga emas)
2. Sediakan tunai 80%, 70% - Peniaga emas skala besar
3. 60% dan 50%- Peniaga emas skala kecil
3. Sediakan tunai 40%, 30%, 20% dan 10% Pelabur pasif
4. Sediakan tunai 0% pelabur genuine

2. Pelabur trading gold

3. Pelabur dividen 1.000oz x USD3000(30%) x RM3.20 = RM 9600.00 berbanding masa posting ini pada jam 3.30am Khamis 22 Disember 2011 1.000oz = USD1621.66 (16.2166%) = RM5189.312

Baca berita selanjutnya

Wealth Wire

Gold Set to Surge to $3,000 by June

Posted by Brittany Stepniak - Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Slight economic improvements have had positive echoes in the markets lately. It has created
a “risk on” trade within the marketplace, where demand for Treasurys lingers and the dollar
weakens. This has supported commodities, gold especially.

The most recent slump in gold prices has likely occurred because the dollar is slowly
repositioning itself as the safe-haven of choice “because of the need for liquidity.”

As the conditions in Europe continue to improve, there's a strong chance we'll experience
anupside with gold.

Meanwhile, market sentiments along the way are predicted to be wobbly...rapidly shifting
back and forth throughout the next few months...

Gold for February delivery dipped down to $1,616.80 per ounce on the Comex in New York
this morning – dropping by 80 cents an ounce

*Image courtesy of Kitco.

The good news is that gold is more more expensive to buy with currencies other
than theU.S. dollar. In Asia, gold broke above its 200-day moving average, right around
$1,620 per ounce.

In order to restore gold traders' confidence in an up-trend, gold needs to close above
that level.

For the remainder of 2011, an unstable euro and the strenghtening dollar could “provide
short-term headwinds for gold.”

But, fear not. The year is drawing to a close and the 2012 outlook remains optimistic for
all you gold investors.

David Williams, director at Strategic Gold Corp., has an insider perspective on where
gold will go in the coming year. According to his careful observation of the market trends
and economic data,gold is likely to climb all the way to $3,000 or higher in less
than six months' time

"I personally think we are on the way up again. There could be one more wave down
on technicals but then it [will move] up very quickly." Williams thinks that the main
catalyst will be inflation, that all the paper money that has been pumped into banks
and held in their coffers will finally make its way into the system

"The moves that we are experiencing right now on the way up has to do with gold being
viewed as a store of wealth," he says. "As people realize that's a better place to go with
it then it will pop up."

*Indented excerpts courtesy of Kitco.

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